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Retribution has arrived

Retribution of Mara Dyer

The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

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I’ll walk forever with stories inside me that the people I love the most can never hear.

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15 DAYS TO GO: The Retribution of Mara Dyer

Diagnoses: Noah Elliot Simon Shaw

of Conduct Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


We now have 15 days until “The Retribution of Mara Dyer” by Michelle Hodkin arrives!

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"Open your eyes," Dr. Kells said, and I did. I had to, and I hated it.

The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Chapter 3)

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"And then I saw you in South Beach. In that dress. And I just decided, fuck it, I’m a selfish bastard, who cares."

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Reasons everyone should read the Mara Dyer series


  • They’re really really good books
  • It’s a series
  • It’s not over yet
  • There’s a bi character who is mentioned as being at least attracted to both men and women
  • The bi character is also Jewish and black (look, queer poc!)
  • The prose is some of the best I’ve ever read
  • It somehow manages to strike a perfect balance between creepy/thriller/paranormal, funny, and realistic to the point of “ohmigod that’s totally something I would think or say”
  • I have no idea how the author manages that^ but it’s absolutely perfect
  • The author has a tumblr and has an amazing presence she reblogs all the edits other cool stuff that the fandom makes, and interacts with and listens to the fans
  • She also posts deleted scenes and such on her tumblr which makes us very happy because everything she writes is so amazing
  • The author is also signing the entire first American printing of the final book in the series which comes out in November, which means that you could walk into a book store and get a signed copy at no extra price
  • The fandom is pretty cool from what I’ve seen we’re not crazy like some of the other fandoms but we make a ton of stuff including copious amounts of edits and even songs though I haven’t seen a lot of fanfic or fanart, though I have no idea why
  • You guys this book series is good enough for people to write SONGS
  • There’s no love triangle
  • There’s still well-written romance
  • The MC is half-Indian (she takes after her Caucasian side in appearance) and there’s totally stuff tying into that
  • As opposed to most YA novels, her family is intact and supporting while still managing to be their very own engaging and interesting and complex characters
  • it’s really amazing, like, better than just about everything other YA I’ve read - or it’s just so unique I can’t possible compare it to anything other than the Shatter Me series. 
  • the final one comes out on November 4th so you don’t have to wait the two years the rest of us had to wait *sobs*
  • Please go read them they’re amazing and deserve more attention than they’re getting.


Fix Me; I so badly needed to self-destruct// a Mara Dyer fan mix 


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MARA DYER MEME || Favourite Character  »  Noah Shaw

“I have never read The Joy of Crap. Sounds disgusting. I have, however, read The Joy of Sex. Not in a while, but I think it’s one of those classics you can come back to again… and again.” 

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Anonymous wondered: Wait... I'm really confused about that whole Noah being british and Mara's mom being Indian.. Why is there a reason? Can't you just tell us, please? :)


So, once I posted that answer to “Why did you choose for Noah to be British?” question, I ended up with a deluge of follow-ups. Which is great! Honestly, it’s warms the cockles of my black heart to know that readers care :)

This is the thing: the choices authors make when we write stories tend not to be coincidental, and that goes for character, setting, and plot. Sometimes we make decisions based on personal preference—for example, Croyden (spelled differently) was the name of a school my grandfather once owned and operated in the ‘50’s. There’s no plot-related significance to the school’s name. But sometimes, things like names are chosen for reasons other than “I just liked it.” Like Mara’s & Noah’s, for instance: their initials in particular. And also Lukumi.

The same is true for other kinds of character details: if you read/watch Dexter, for example, you’ll see that in the first episode of the first season (and early on in Darkly Dreaming Dexter), it’s mentioned early on that Dexter was adopted. No big deal, lots of people are, right? But while it may seem like a relatively insignificant detail at first, it becomes so central to not only the plot of the first novel/season but in my opinion, that seemingly insignificant detail informs 95% of who Dexter is, and why he makes the choices he makes.

I believe that people are a product of both their genes and their environment—I’m unsettled on the question of nature vs. nurture, but I absolutely think that who we are and the choices we make are informed by how we were raised and by whom, who we’re surrounded by and who we choose to be surrounded with, where we go to school and where we live. It’s no accident that Mara has a lighter complexion than her brothers, who she feels are both more talented and exceptional than she is, and her mother, who she feels is more beautiful than she is—she feels different and other even from the people she is genetically and emotionally closest to in her family. And it’s no accident that Noah smokes, even though you may not like it. He’d know you didn’t like it, and he wouldn’t care—he has his reasons, even though they might not be good ones.

So, to sum up: I get a lot of reader questions asking about a lot of details that may or may not be significant, and I love them! I love questions and theories! But I also can’t answer them all for you right now on Tumblr or on Twitter or via email, because then, what point would there be in another book? But keep them coming, and I will answer the ones that I can, and the ones that I can’t—try to rest assured that they will be answered for you, in novel form, eventually.



I recently got two asks for any other mara dyer blogs and have made this masterpost so that life becomes easy for all of us :) 

This post will be updated if there are new blogs out there- please send me a message if i’ve forgotten to add you to this list (must be at least 70% mara dyer related). I do not follow everyone of you so once again, apologies!

So in no particular order:

UPDATE 16/07/14:

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The Retribution of Mara Dyer - all teasers 2013-2014


So, since it’s Christmas and I didn’t have anything to do (like every other day) I figured I’d gather ALL The Retribution of Mara Dyer teasers and snippets that have been released by either our lovely Michelle Hodkin or other safe sites online. The links to the sources lie in the headlines over each snippet, which tell you which date it was posted and either where it comes from or Michelle Hodkins own title for the post the snippet/teaser was published in.

Since some of the first chapters of The Retribution will be a bit long, and to make stuff easier for you, I decided to leave them under all the other snippets. So scroll down, my friend, and you’ll find the 1st and 2nd chapter, as well as a link to the 3rd chapter.

If there is ANYTHING I missed, please, please let me know so I can add it. Good luck theorizing!

Beware of spoilers from The Unbecoming and The Evolution!!

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So you’re new to the Mara Dyer family, welcome! The fandom is a little crazy and emotionally unstable due to many reasons relating to the series, but here’s a little bit to help you through the beginning. If anyone else happens to have any other links to things they’d like to add, feel free to add to the post.


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